Feedback about SS4
Hello kalypso, hello Kite Games,

you asked for feedback, well here is what I think about SS4.

First of all I have to say you made a great game and it was lot of fun to play through. It took me 40 hours to complete every mission in normal and in challange mode.
Theres a huge variation in missions and mission objects which I like. Defence missions, infantry based missions, fast moving "blitzkrieg" missions and slow tactical based missions.
Also to have a challange mode where you cant save the game is a nice idea.
The different doctrines are a good feature as well. Maybe they wont change the way of playing a mission completely, but they can are usefull in some missions when its about the challange mode. Even the best tank commander should rely on infantry tactics / doctrines when he is fighting in the streets of stalingrad - for example.
I am looking forward and I am excited what the DLC missions will be like.
I cant say much about the Multiplayer, because I am not interested in it. To be honest, you should concentrate on the singleplayer in SS4,
doing one thing good is better than doing two things halfhearted if you ask me.

But I have to tell you about a few things which I do not really like about SS4 - even when I know this issues probably cant be changed / fixed.
Anyway, its about the scale of the battles in SS4.

Can you remember those times ?


Or those times ? (take a look at the minimap)


These were huge scale battles wich made the SS series great. (for me the game Blitzkrieg is part of it)

And there is another huge issue which I have when its about SS4. There are no core units which I will keep or at least that I will take all (or most) of my tanks with me into the next mission.
The result of it is, in every mission I played it was the same problem. 40% of the mission (the beginning) I had to be careful with my units, not losing infantry men, not losing a tank.
But when I finished nearly half of the mission objects (or cleared half of the map) there was no reason for me anymore to be carefull with my units or keep on playing the mission in a tactical way. Just form a formation, attack-move-click behind the enemy lines and watching them clearing the remain of the map. I got my three stars every time I played like this.

Another issue, the difficulty. Well, let me say it like this, you have way to much ammunition and fuel during the missions. I could clear the hole map just with artillery in most of the missions. Also I could just shot at long range with my tanks against enemy infantry, cause I will never have supply problems by wasting my ammunition.
Another point about the difficulty is when the enemy is starting a counterattack during missions. There is every time a warning which appears, like a soldier or commander which says "I can hear enemy tanks, they are trying to break through" or "Watch out, the enemy is starting a counter attack". Come on, its war. I want to be suprised by counter attacks.
And there are enough anti tank guns on the maps to capture for securing the flanks, there is no need for warnings.

Last issue is about the repair trucks. During the missions you often got two or three of them with tons of "repair supplys" in it. But there is barely use for them.
Just give me one of them or that one repair truck is just able to repair two times and than it is empty.
Also it would be nice if these trucks could place AT mines, AP mines or barriers for tanks.

I know the things about the huge scale battles or the "core army stuff" cant be changed in upcoming DLCs, guess thats part of the engine how the game works.
But you could cut the amount of supply during the missions. Also you could make the repair trucks a little bit more usefull.

Anyway, I had a great time with SS4. And I hope the DLCs / Addons will eat lots of hours of my time as well. ;-)

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