Will not save on xbox 1
Hi have tropico 5 and it will not save esp in waterborne DSL games. i have deleted  and download it again and deleted the game and reinstalled it. But no such luck  it still  will not save.  How did this Happen? What is the FIX? I know i am not the only one having this problem. I have the XBOX1. I am also playing offline. Never a issue until i installed waterbourne
I'm having the same issue. I can't say I'm surprised this has gone unaddressed for some 10 weeks now.

Absolutely pathetic support and quality control from Kalypso, as always. I've been a loyal Tropico fan and defender for years now, but I'm fed up. They flat out don't care about the console versions of their games, as evidenced by how late and how broken they always are.
Hello everybody.
Please could you get in touch with our technical support at
that we can get this sorted properly?



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