DEVS plz read
While mobile artillery/anti tank guns are fun and all I think u should be able to get stationary guns as reinforcements if u choose as well, also the ability to build trenches via a support vehicle would be nice as well, I prefer to entrench infantry and set up ambush points but all there is for trenches is right around flags in skirmish or multiplayer and they're just sitting ducks
Hi PP34isGOD .
Thank you for your feedback, really much appreciated.
So we thought about adding trenches to be built by the player, but decided afetr quite some testing during development against this feature, as there might be more problems coming up with such a feature, that might break the game completely, like e.g. where can the player create trenches? Everywhere, so also through buildings, vehicles standing in the place? Whom are the trenches? Are those always by the player who created them, can they be overtaken by other players? Can vehicles run through and many more things....
So for now we are not planning to implement such a feature and I cannot make any promises if we will at all.

For stationary guns, I will forward this suggestions and we will have a look into this, if and how this might be possible. No promises as well.

Cool thanks as to the trenching blitkrieg really utilized this pretty well, u could entrench with a repair vehicle , in later games in the series I believe they just made it an infantry command, u could build them anywhere basically a hud of where u we're trying to build them showed up and if there was any texture issues with placement you couldn't do it there obviously objects in the world would void the interaction I.E. buildings rocks other things like that and if u built the trenches u only controlled them if u had infantry in them so if u fall back your opponent could take up your old positions it was extremely effective in outpost situations and made the game a little more strategic as you were actually controlling your troop strong points and could set up bottlenecks and choke points, as an example I used to set up trenches at crossroads and try to funnel enemy troops down the part of road I had stationary 88 flak cannons set up thank you for putting forward the stationary guns idea I think it would be an excellent way to fill out the reinforcements wheel

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