This game would thrive with a Team Deathmatch
Hello fellow gamers,
I really like this game. Its challenging and unique. I know we will be getting some patches and DlC down the road. Keep up the great work. But a couple things they could add:
1. Multiplayer Team Deathmatch- This would really make this game great. Create some type of player bases with trenches and turrets. Each team wins when they destroy all of the opponents bases. And some obstacles and choke points throughout the maps and you would have an amazing multiplayer game mode. 
2. Player Stats and Progression- This game needs a little personalization. We don't have to have custom skins, but some lvl uping or prestige mode up to lvl 50 or so, throw in a stats counter. It would be great to see yourself rewarded for spending hours playing the game. We have achievements but they are hard to track and it doesn't seem to rewarding after you spend hours on missions. Every big,successful game does this. 
3. Different game modes- I know this would take a lot of time to develop, but even just capture the flag multiplayer mode or Destroy the Mega base mode would be a great addition to the game. 
4. An In the field leader troop- How amazing would it be to have a Leader troop or Tank Commander actually in the battle with the rest of your troops. You could customize him, level him up based on your xp and use him to help turn the tide of the battle. Does not have to be Patton himself but even a stand out commander with extra health that gives you some sort of customization advantage during the battle. 
5. Air drop a new vehicle- You can make it pricey or once a mission or battle but an air drop of artillery vehicle or a brand new tank or repair truck would really help players not get bogged down after losing a lot of vehicles. 
I have some other ideas but these are some main ideas that I think would make the game a little better.

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