Words of a concerned Sudden Strike (series) player
Played the complete Sudden Strike series since the first part appeared 2002.

It has always been one of the best WWII RTS Games ever. The fourth part could be shining through the appropriate good graphics and quite very cool engine, really. But also here again, extremely coarse hitches. The problems is not the often indicated schema Blob vs. Blob or even the lack of tactical depth. But on the contrary. The various Foot, Vehicle, Arty Unites offers an extremely tactical depth.

I.m.o. there are three medium-severe catastrophes, why the game be designated as Late Alpha. First the joke of multiplayer. The game lives by its huge steel battles. What is offered, 4 maps, 0,0 variation in setup possibilities, neither in PvE or PvP and always only WTF 3 tanks for rounding start. poor².
The second disaster, the fuddy system of unit skills and interaction. No matter how many soldiers you have chosen, whether 10 or 100 and want to throw a nade. Even only the first soldier do, no matter how far the target is or the distance to be covered. Even if you want to throw several nades, this is consistently do the first soldier. Only a fine selection of single, aid. And hope to get the right guy unit in the bulk. Further, the ReSupply of tanks with amo and gas, at a click only ammunition is filled. Only with additional hotkey and additional click with the second mouse button is gas refilled. Until you get rid of this circumstance at all, you have played the whole German campaign without. These are just two NoGo examples.
Third and biggest criticism, the elephant dance of the vehicles. Never try to send a complete army in the opposite direction! It ends in a huge bunch, no moving. Tanks want to move forward, owing of the really good formation system and arty and supply vehicles want back. Only when two vehicles are driving towards each other, the pathfinde fails. But when a howl army are in the game, only coffee and joyfully watch the dance helps. Or again a fine selection.

Question, since when is the game released?

To get back to the Blobing and missing tactics and all the other things, why most new RTS Games get so bad rating.
Apart from patching in the finest snail tempo (feels if the Studios had only 1 developer !?).
I believe (to protect the one developer) the mainstream at casual gamers, did not manage to play RTS game in their wise and full tactical depth.


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