Future Patch Date?
Hello gamers,
Really enjoying this game. Very realistic and unique. Just curious, any talk on a future patch to fix certain things in the game and maybe new additions? I feel like if they fix and add things now, early on. More people would enjoy it and buy the game. I know devs don't like to give dates on patches or DLC, which is understandable. But just curious if and what they will be.
Hi RTSGuy.
Here you can find already the first hints, what and when will come to the game:

So currently we are testing a new version on the Btea-Branch, where all Windows-PC Steam-users can join us and already have a look on their own. As we enabled the Sudden Strike 4 Beta for all Windows-PC Steam-users, as we want to continue testing new patches, especially those impacting multiplayer together with the community before applying those to the live-enviroment.

Additionally we already gave a little sneek peak to our YouTubers slightly before and after the Release of the game, by adding the work-in-progress version of the upcoming DLC Dunkirk.

As I am right back from gamescom, I am still catching and fetching up, so this above linked post from steam will also find its way into our forums here soon.

If there is anything you want and need to know, feel always free to ask. Smile



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