Poll: The best Tropico series game is:
Isometric Tropico 1
Tropico 2 with pirates
Revolutionary Tropico 3
Expanded Tropico 4
Refreshed Tropico 5
Tropico 6 will beat them all
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What is your favourite Tropico series game? (+poll)
Tropico 1
Through the years many new remakes of Tropico were created. I still have a copy of the very first Tropico from 2001, which I bought in a kiosk. The cd was included in a computer games magazine CD-Action or sth similiar. At the age of 9/10 (in 2006/7)  I formally became el Presidente. I spent many hours playing Tropico 1 (and Paradise Island expansion from 2002) . Even the isometric view wasn't that bad at that time. Smile
Tropico 2
Tropico 2 The Pirate Cove (2001) wasn't my favourite, maybe because it didn't fit me. I preffered to be el presidente and being a pirate leader of the island was something different.
Tropico 3
Then, a few years later, in 2009 came Tropico 3. It was first 3D game and it was something. The game was something brand new and I was charmed by it's top-level quality, level of details and graphics. I could visit and inspect some buildings as el Prez. 
"That was a small step for el Presidente, but a giant leap for Tropico" Big Grin 
Speeches also gave a lot of realism to this game.
Many people say that it was the best part of Tropico series. Maybe because it was a fresh wiev on the series any everything was made frpm the basics for this game. The colors were bright, tropican spirit was very realistic and the beaches were sunny.
Tropico 4
Few years later, in 2011 came Tropico 4. It was recreated Tropico 3 with some extra buildings in dlcs and expansions (ex. Modern times which were quite fine), but some people didn't like the game because many things, textures and buildings were borrowed from Tropico 3. The bright colors of a Tropican island were gone and some darker filters were included instead. I like T4 because of its potential. It had more buildings and edicts than ever and of course errupting Volcanoes. The best part of Tropico in my opinion.
Tropico 5
2014 brought us Tropico 5. Many people had different expectations. Tropico had nice graphic, but it got very flat. The islands were so flat, they had max. 3 levels of height and the terrain was looking very unnatural (flat like in Simcity). Some random maps also had some autumn-looking trees Sad . Some nice functions like speeches were cut off, but there was presidental family included, which divided many players. The game had many dlc's and expansions and eras were included for the first time. The sense of humor and the level of realism were a bit different than before. I was most impressed by the farms - compared to the messy fields from previous games that was a good move to make fields as a inseparable part of the building.
Tropico 6
2018 is still unknown for all Tropicans. I personally can't wait to (at least) see developers efforts asap. Will Tropico 6 be the greatest game of Tropico series? We will see.

That's my personal opinion about Tropico series, share yours and VOTE for THE BEST TROPICO GAME EVER.
Thank you and good day.
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Tropico 4, no doubt. Its basically an expansion for Tropico 3 which is a great thing as everything that it added made game better (except maybe Quick Build which made it times easier)
Tropico 4 has my favorite as it was the first to add missions to the game
Also, the factions were relevant to the game and mines were dependant on underground ore rather than prebuilt locations
Lastly your buildings only operated when people were inside (industry/services/tourism) so transportation was much more important and your citizen needs were fully simulated (Since they sought out needs only when they needed it rather than at random like Tropico 5)

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