Questions regarding the modding support for GOG users and the exclusive map...
Dear Developers,

A few days ago I have completed all three campaigns. Then, I have played some multiplayer and accomplished several challenge missions. I enjoy playing and I like Sudden Strike 4 a lot! Thank you very much for a great addition to the series!

Now, I want to create some maps of my own, but the modding support does not seem to be available to GOG users. I do understand the difficulties of modding support on consoles. But the lack of modding support for GOG users is puzzling me. I believe that modding thrives on DRM-free platforms and it would be great if you could add modding support to the GOG version of Sudden Strike 4.

Could you please add modding support for GOG users?

I also have another question. I have preordered the game and got the Battle of Kursk exclusive map. It is a lot of fun! I enjoy its layout and gameplay tempo! However, it seems that I can play it only in singleplayer versus AI. I cannot create a multiplayer match on this map even when playing with and against those players who also have preordered the game. I do not know if it is a bug or an intentional design choice, but it would be great to be able to play this map in multiplayer against those who got it as well.

Could you also please add an option to play this map with and against other people who own it?

Once again I would like to thank you for a great game! Please keep up the great work!

With best regards,

Hi Yar-Mukhamedov ,
please be aware that modding support is and was always only available for Steam users, as it is connected to Steam Workshop, an awesome platform to also share the content created among and between the community. A platform like this is not available via GoG and cannot be created by us, neither somehow connected, as I doubt Steam and/or GoG would agree woth something like that.

Kursk is a Singleplayer only mission and not available in Multiplayer.
We are having a look into this, if the map is actually playable in MP and if we can get it into MP. Even though no promises on that.


Dear Unerde,

Thank you very much for your prompt and informative response!

With best regards,


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