Will 'Ministry' & Ministers Return?
I've recently jumped back into T4 to explore the differences between 4 and 5 and I've been surprised by how much I missed some of T4's interesting, cool and effective features...none more so than the beloved Ministry building and its accompanying 5 Ministers & portfolios.

I felt that this really gave Tropico's government a sense of size and scope, as opposed to just El Presidente locked away in his palace (or in T4's case, running around and 'buffing' buildings) governing an entire island nation on his own. I appreciated that you needed effective Ministers appointed in their roles to not miserably fail certain world events or bring shame on Tropico, and that your shrewd ministerial picks could event grant Tropico bonuses, such as quicker training or education speed and free buildings. They were also necessary to dole our corresponding edicts, which added another (thin) layer of depth to "governing" and legislation in Tropico.

If anything, I'd hoped that this building and feature would be expanded upon in T5, but we had no such luck and lost it altogether!

So, my question to the devs: Will we see the Ministry and Ministers return in T6?

And to fellow players, did you miss this feature and T5 and would also like to see it return?

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