I had two wishes for T6. One was fulfilled...
I've been crying for the bridges/arquipelago thing for ages, it's here. Or it will be.

Now, what about the toggle trees on/off like in T1? I like to have a clear view at the terrain before dropping a farm of placing a building.
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I'm in favour of any additional tools to give us a better idea of what's going on in our little empire. Toggles for visibility are always a nice help.

I'd add that I'd love to see more (and more effective) overlays. T4 had a very strong set of overlays that displayed beauty, garbage, crime, liberty, resources and more. T5 scaled these back and I found them to be less effective/informative. I hope T6 gives us back a full suite of overlays and makes them powerful and handy tools to figure out what's going on in Tropico. The added comments from the devs in the FAQ that there will be visible evidence of pollution, crime, etc. will also be a huge help in that regard.
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