[PS4]Patch 1.02 Changelog
during the day we will apply patch 1.02 for PlayStation 4.
This patch will bring quite a lot of fixes and improvements, which can be found as following:
  • Host migration fixes
  • Group movement formation improvements
  • General pathfinding fixes
  • Fixed moving players in skirmish lobby when there are closed slots
  • Tutorial video fixes
  • Unit count limit in multiplayer
  • Camera adjusted to starting position in multiplayer
  • Repair truck stuttering fix
  • Tutorial crash fix
  • Fixed incorrect badge image for Conclusive Eviction
  • Infantry now uses watchtowers correctly
  • Tweaking AoE damage in case of visible units in vehicles
  • Added aim prediction to direct targeting gunners to track moving targets
  • Implemented setting to turn off unit silhouettes and unit outlines (Settings/Gameplay)
  • Fixed infinite wait time in multiplayer when the starting player leaves the game and at least 3 players remained
  • In-flight target tracking has been removed from certain slow-moving projectiles (unguided AT rockets)
  • Badges are now observable with controller on the debriefing screen
  • Added selected map preview in multiplayer
  • Added wait timer until match starts in multiplayer
  • Players can select doctrine by clicking on the general’s portrait in multiplayer
  • Synchnronized timer in multiplayer lobby
  • Added selected doctrine „freezing” to multiplayer (quick match)
  • Highlighting "Extras" after unlocking new items
  • Added recon plane timer/counter
  • Added plane attack timer/counter
  • Added skill description in multiplayer menu
  • Added unit description in multiplayer menu
  • Sound feedback when a territory is being captured
  • German Bulge retreat tweak
  • Russian/Polish doctrine fixes
  • Challenge mode badges fixes
  • Fixed mission markers
  • Fixed active challenge marker
  • Localization fixes
  • Multiplayer ready feature
  • Fixed death animation for units dying in trenches or cannons
  • Fixed hang when multiplayer game is lost while ingame menu is open
  • Fixed hang in multiplayer lobby when the client has a drop-down open and the host leaves or he gets kicked out
  • Fixed error message after coming back from rest mode
  • Fixed Zis-5 truck not sinking in water
  • Fixed missing voiceovers in Historical Footage menu
  • Game code crash fixes

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