Tropico 6 Trailer Discussion Thread

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Here are mine:

1) "Customize Your Palace" - Depending on how this is handled this could be one of the best additions ever to the game! I am actually most excited about this after watching the trailer.
2) Bridges!!!! Finally! This really has opened up a world of new possibilities, including #3 below:
3) Major kudos on being able to develop multiple islands on one map!
4) Looks like there will be some "mass transportation" options like busses. Nice.
5) I saw a prison which is an indication we'll have prisons right of the bat. Good.
6) THANK YOU for bringing back election speeches. Tropico 5 really boxed El Presidente and it's nice to see El Presidente becoming more important to the game again.
7) World Wonders is a GREAT addition!

I'm really looking forward to this game. For me Tropico 5, while still good, was a let-down from Tropico 4. It looks like 6 is not only taking the best of both worlds, but expanding upon them to make the game that much better. I really hope they get the "Customize Your Palace" right as that can be a game-changer. Looking forward to 2018!

So what did you get from the trailer? (Tropico news, tips, challenges, and tutorials)

Overview of new stuff in Tropico 4: Modern Times
Dude, don't even get me started on BRINGING BACK FACTIONS. I AM SO FASTING STOKED!!

There's only one way this can get better,a nd that is FULL MODDING SUPPORT. That means custom buildings, custom edicts, and MORE, MORE, MORE!
Jesus loves you and died for you!!

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Intellectuals (+)
Militarists (+)
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Environmentalists (---)

I am BACK !!!!! looking forward to this game again !!!!

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