Dungeons 3 console-patches will be available today!
Today we will release A patch for both Xbox One and PlayStation4.
Please find below the Changelogs for both platforms:

  • Add Korean text localization
  • Restore random multiplayer maps (lost in 1.01)
  • Fixed leaks & crashes
  • Fixed proper unlocking of "Shadow Hunter" trophy
  • Improved textures on consoles: better reduction method in general, and increased resolution where appropriate
  • Polished seasonal theming during Halloween and Christmas
  • Package icon for PS4 undead DLC
  • Various minor UI improvements
  • Various Localization fixes (not relevant for compliance testing)
  • Various balancing tweaks (units, skirmish, research, ...)
  • Various game logic fixes/improvements
  • Various animation/graphics/effects fixes/improvements
  • Various visualization fixes/improvements
  • Various level fixes/improvements
  • Various performance improvements

  • Added hand-crafted multiplayer maps for 3 and 4 players
  • Significant random map generation overhaul
  • Added main menu page to manage additional content
  • Multiplayer loading screen shows loading status of other players
  • Improved textures on consoles: better reduction method in general, and increased resolution where appropriate
  • Various fixes, improvements, balancing tweaks
  • Fixed problems with room floors: black areas, lag when changing rooms with floor cut outs, memory leak
  • Performance improvements, particularly in late-game
  • Scene and Skirmish loading speed improved. This also fixes level load and random map generation not finishing at all on slow graphics devices.
  • Various minor fixes and improvements
  • Vortex chamber now adjusts regeneration speed based on room efficiency
  • Balancing: Mother Worm now has slightly increased attack range
  • Balancing: Skirmish bosses are now tougher (except in difficulty 'easy')
  • Balancing: Increased Gobbler spawn rate by 25%
  • Multiplayer: Do not show enemy Demon Portals through fog of war
  • 'The Battle of Steelsmith': fixed 'The One-Huge-Army-Building Evil' achievement/trophy not getting triggered in some circumstances
  • 'Everything Has An End…': Moved waypoint so heroes won't attack city gate
  • 'Everything Has An End…': No longer kill some heroes with exploding barrels in the intro, preventing the achievement/trophy 'The Benevolent Evil' from being awarded

Be aware that it might still take up to two hours from posting this thread, until the patcehs will arrive in all regions on all platforms!

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