Paratroopers overpowered vs tanks
Hey all, 

This is one for the developers really or if anyone else agrees. 

I kind of feel that the paratroopers (I usually play as German Infantry) are way overpowered vs tanks / Armour in multiplayer. 

I've often landed one group of paratroopers into 3/4 tanks and been able to destroy them all using the anti tank grenades. It also doesn't really seem to matter what tank it is, the damage done by anti tank grenades seems unstoppable. 

I don't know if this was intentional to make paratroopers a counter to tanks / armour, but it just seems like realistically a group of tanks would rip them to shreds. 

Are there any plans to tone them down? Or perhaps make paratroopers easier to kill with a different type of unit? 

Does anyone else agree? 


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