Kalypso Friday-Update - Let’s get started!
Welcome Kalypsonians!
This is the first ever Friday Update and will cover Updates to consoles, PC Games invited to Kalypso Media and saving some cash in our current sale!

It is all about the consoles!
On Thursday, 2nd of November we have updated the PlayStation4- and Xbox One-versions of Dungeons 3 and Vikings - Wolves of Midgard.
Those included, among other things, bugfixing and aimed at stability- and performance-problems on both platforms and in both games.

Full Changelogs can be found here:
Dungeons 3 PS4/XB1

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard PS4/XB1

Sneak Peek on current Railway Empire developer-version
Last weekend Kalypso Media and the German PC-Gaming magazine PC Games hosted a Sneak Peek for three lucky readers. They got the chance to not only have a look, but also their hands on the current (development) version of Railway Empire and even BBQ!
Big thank you to our friends at Razer, to support our event!


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