Ideas for religion
I'm sure none of this will be added, but just some ideas:


In the 1960s-80s there should be a chance for a few priests (especially young ones) to turn into supporters of Liberation Theology. The chance of this happening would increase significantly if you ran a left-wing government.

Priests who adhere to Liberation Theology can influence farmers (and, more rarely, workers) to either support or oppose the government depending on its political and economic policies.

If you encourage Liberation Theology, it will badly damage your relations with the religious (i.e. Catholic) faction, but improve your relations with however many farmers and workers are under the sway of Liberation Theology priests.

Suppressing Liberation Theology (such as assassinating priests who adhere to it) undermines your popularity among farmers/workers under its influence, but also increases your popularity among the military (since many adherents of Liberation Theology justified guerrilla warfare.) The Religious (Catholic) faction wouldn't like you murdering priests, but it would probably look the other way in this instance (in other words, relations with that faction wouldn't improve or decline.)

Once 1990 hits no more priests can turn into advocates of Liberation Theology unless your government actively encourages it.


Starting in the 1970s there should be a small chance for Evangelicals to arrive from the United States if relations with that country are good. They will try to convert people to Protestantism. It should be very rare for a majority of your population to actually convert from Catholic to Protestant, but you can help out somewhat by announcing your own public conversion (which obviously strains relations with the Catholic faction while making the Protestant faction love you for a decade or two.)

Alternatively you can force the Evangelicals to leave, which results in a slight decline in relations with the US.

Evangelicals will cease coming to Tropico after 1995 (it seems the Protestant "wave" in Latin America and the Caribbean petered out by then.)


If you start in the colonial era there's a small chance that a temple is one of the default buildings. There's also also a small chance that one or two Jewish families can immigrate to Tropico during the 20th century.

If there are enough Jews on Tropico (about 10 or so), a synagogue automatically comes into existence with one Jewish man becoming a rabbi. The government does not have to pay for its maintenance (and the rabbi has no wages.)

You can encourage Jewish immigration by doing stuff like visiting the synagogue as a gesture of goodwill or having the government spend money to commemorate the synagogue's establishment if it has been in existence for at least 50 years.

Jewish Tropicans would be recognizable by their first names (Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, Aaron, Daniel, David, etc.) They can't be converted nor can they convert others (although there's a chance for a non-Jew to convert if he/she marries a Jewish Tropican.)

The benefit to having Jews on your island is the chance that a few of them are especially skilled at being shopkeepers, professors, doctors or bankers. Other than that, Jews behave like any other inhabitants of Tropico.

If Israel was ever a country you could interact with, then another obvious benefit would be improved relations if you have a synagogue.

If you get rid of the synagogue, then most (if not all) Jews will consider the government unfriendly and leave Tropico.


In the 1970s-80s there is a very rare chance that a cult will seek permission to establish a settlement on Tropico. If you do this, the cult can have the following benefits:

* Cult members can intimidate your opponents (here's a real life example.)
* If the cult is particularly large it can help smuggle money into your coffers from other countries (which harms relations with said countries.)

But also the following cons:

* The Religious faction(s) will be annoyed at the fact you're allowing a cult to operate on Tropico.
* There can be negative events which undermine your relations with certain countries/regions (such as the cult being accused of fraud in the United States and a bunch of its members fleeing to the settlement in Tropico to avoid arrest.)
* The rest of the population (not just the religious) will also become annoyed if there's too many cultists on the island.
* If the cult is large enough, it can begin influencing members of the military to do its bidding against you.
Bold idea Ismail and some impressive depth of concept to these ideas. However, I suspect the devs will want to focus more on political factions than religion. Frankly, I'd be surprised if we even get any options to build any places of worship that aren't the typical Catholic Church or Cathedral.

At the least, I would hope for some religious diversity in the later era of the game; perhaps let us build a Mosque, Synagogue & Temple (simplistic, I know) of some sort to support the less traditional religions of Tropico.
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