Dungeons 3 v1.3.2 released and Changelog
The updating evil has released another patch for Dungeons 3. \m/

Find the full Changelog below:
  • Fixed ice slowdown to be actually capped at about 20%
  • Added Steam users tbd, YouTube.GTuxTV, Vega, Tannhauser, Naamarulla,
    Ydyp, Kando, Shazai to Special Thanks section in credits for their helpful forum communication and bug reports!
  • Fixed some spells and certain traps killing units instead of knocking them unconscious
  • Fixed traps not being rebuilt automatically in some cases
  • Fixed pre-built rooms sometimes showing 'room is too small'
  • Show visual effect when a snot teleports
  • 'Ups and Downs': achievement/trophy 'Lifeguard' was sometimes awarded even though units were lost to the water
  • 'The End of Burgers' End': stop the Narrator nagging about building a Brewery when it has already been built
  • 'Field of Glory': Fixed asymmetric balancing
  • Fixed missing idle animation in combat for some characters, like Pit Fiend or Succubus
  • Fixed incorrect room capacity in some rare cases
  • Minor fixes to Simplified Chinese localization
  • Fixed some sounds being audible when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed some sound breakdown issues
  • Gamepad: Fixed focus loss in modal dialogs in some cases
  • Windows: Detecting a specific start up crash on some systems and installing a workaround for the next start up
  • Linux: Fixed parts of dungeon not visible on certain systems

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