Used game, how to access the game?
I bought an used copy of this game today. The personal key was obviously already used, so I can't access the game now.

Any help?
the seller must send a mail to kalypso support to unlock the key from his account, after that you can register it to your account.
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I bought it from a flea market sort of thing... I will never know who the seller is.
Hi Phak,
in our known issues list, we have already covered this case:
Known issues and workarounds Wrote:Problems with the product key
Please note that product keys can only be used once for activation.
Unfortunately, we are unable to detach the key if you send your request from any email address other than the original registered email address. In accordance with our privacy policy on personal user data, we are unable to provide the original registered email address for any product key.
In this instance, we ask that you try sending the request from all possible email addresses that you could have used when registering the game.
Alternatively, you may also list your email addresses and if the original address is among them, we will confirm the address that is linked to your key.

Problems with pre-owned games
When you have purchased a pre-owned version, or a version that someone else has activated, the same rule applies - every key can only be used only once for activation.
You can contact the previous owner of the key and ask them to detach the key from his/her account. They can do so by simply sending the key to from the original e-mail address they used for activation.
Once this is done, they will be notified about detaching the product-key and should then contact and inform you, at which point you can now use the key to create a new account and/or activate your game.

So, if you cannot get in touch with the previous owner, there is nothing, we can do.



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