Railway Empire Beta: Received new game-mode: Scenario and much more!

Enginemen and -women!
We have once again updated the Steam Beta of Railway Empire and among many fixes and changes, unlocked more content for our beta-players:
  • New added game-mode: Scenario:Gold Rush (West Coast)
  • Unlocked Free mode/The West/1830
  • Unlocked Free mode/The West/1850
  • Unlocked Sandbox mode/The West/1830
  • Unlocked Sandbox mode/The West/1850

[Image: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steamc...12f3b2.jpg]

Want to jump on the beta-train?
Access only with valid ticket!
But nothing easier than that:
simply pre-purchase the game on Steam and you will get (among many other cool things ) instant access to the beta until the release of the full game!

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