[MOD] Change Wealth Provided
Change Wealth Provided v1.0
Hello all, Happy New Year! This is my first mod that I made for Tropico 5 and is for change the wealth recieved by the workers of an specified building between the levels 2(From Poor to Well-off), 3(From Poor to Rich) and 4(From Well-off to Filthy Rich). This is made with upgrades for the building that increase or decrease the wealth provided from that building to its workers. This mod allow changing these without changes on budget, effectiveness or job quality. This mod works only with the buildings that aren't in a mod or DLC. I don't added the DLC buildings because i don't have any of them and I tried to use this mod with the another mods buildings but don't worked.

Requires Mod Loader

WARNING: Using a mod may void eligibility for customer support from the game publisher.


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