T4+MT: Modding the DayLength?
Hello, knowing i'm (very) late to the Tropico party (just purchased T4 incl. all DLCs/Steam Winter Sale). Playing the game in Singleplayer-Sandbox mode now for ten days or so. I'm shocked that i missed Tropico 4 as of yet, because i consider it as one of the best (strategy/city-builder) games which i ever played and i play (and mod) games since the 1990s.

I hope some or one of the versed T4+MT modders is still around.

Now to the point of subject: Is it possible to modify the following codes?

const.DayLength = 1500
const.MonthLength = const.DayLength * 30
const.YearLength = const.MonthLength * 12

Goal: Increasing the daylength significantly resulting to a longer yearlength.
Reason: I want to play out the early time 1950-1970 more historically.
It's actually important for me, the (imo. very short) yearlength of vanilla is a real bummer to me.

I tried the following mod (in Game folder; i'm using other mods, which work: LockNot, QuickTornado, ZoomMod, and one own BuildingCost).  

TimeflowMod = function()
    const.DayLength = 3000

local FiredOnce = false
OnMsg.UASetMode = function(actions,mode)
    if not FiredOnce then    
        if(mode == "Boot") then
            FiredOnce = true

... to no avail! Btw., the mod does no error in the log file.

TimeflowMod = function()
... that part can also be: function TimeflowMod() ... but makes no difference, i tried it.
The value 3000 (or any other value) makes no difference.
It's always around 45 sec for one month (like with vanilla), no matter what value is used (i measured diverse values with a stopwatch / ingame Sandbox map generations).

So my question is:

Has somebody an idea what the culprit is or what a working code for the change could be?

Edit: I searched all around in the forums (and internet), this specific theme is not covered, if i'm wrong, please leave me a link to the thread.

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