[Mod] Stacklock's Retuning Config
Let's just get this out of the way:
WARNING: Using a mod voids eligibility for customer support from the game publisher.

Very late to the party, I know. Tropico 4 is still my favorite in the franchise. What annoys me, however, is all the minor oversights, bad design decisions, or bugs, that is scattered around the game. Every time I've reinstalled the game, I always make some basic changes to the game. Thought I'd share them here, as they help my enjoyment of the game drastically.

I wanted to avoid objectively overpowered changes as well, but I got a strong feeling that making certain parts of the game harder or worse would result in no one being interested. So instead I aimed to make more choices viable, and therefore giving you more freedom in your decision making.

This config requires Modern Times DLC and Constructor DLC.

The changes and finetuning are the following:
  • Removed (most) unique building limits. (Used James York version as base. I made some buildings still keep their limit as duplicates do nothing. I also added limit removal for the Cement Factory).
  • Metro Station does not increase in price. (Metro station is already problematic as it is, since it causes teamsters to walk instead of driving. This means if you use metro stations, you need to base your entire economy and infrastructure around it. The exponential cost makes this never viable).
  • Ziggurats house 98 families instead of 50. (The price per family was stupidly high. The building is also huge. 100 Families makes the game glitchy, but 98 seems to work just fine.)
  • Grade Schools can have 50 children. (Children are already horrible in this game. 13 years to work, while immigrants do it right out the game. Grade schools need to be spammed as well since children, if you focus on tropican inbreeding, will easily make up 25% -> 33% of your population. Now you just need to plob a few down here and there, instead of filling your island with them, ruining your infrastructural efficiency.)
A change I wanted to make, but couldn't find a way to, was adding a 'phantom' female cadet for east point academy, so they at-least graduate female instead of male. Sadly I can't get the HPK extractor to work properly, and it results in jumbled lua files, with only few pieces of code I can read.

I think it'd require some other peoples opinions, but I feel like grade schools should also need more teachers, solar panels should have higher maintenance to compensate for the lack of wages, remove Nuclear Shelter limit, and Ziggurats should have another buff.

Mod code:
Stacklock_finetuning = function()
    g_Classes.SkyscraperHotel.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.SkyscraperHotelModern.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.AcademyOfScience.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.Airport.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.AirportModern.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.AquaPark.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.BabelTower.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.BalloonRide.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.BotanicalGarden.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.ChemicalPlant.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.ChristStatue.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    g_Classes.CityPark.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.CosmicPin.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.CustomsOffice.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.DiplomaticMinistry.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.EternalFlame.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.GoldenStatue.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    --g_Classes.ImmigrationOffice.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.IslandTourOffice.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.LuxuryLiner.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.Mausoleum.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    --g_Classes.Ministry.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.NuclearPowerPlant.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.NuclearProgram.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    --g_Classes.Palace.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    --g_Classes.Presidency.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.RollerCoaster.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.SecretPolice.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    --g_Classes.SpaceProgram.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.StockExchange.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.TelecomHQ.unique = false -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.WeatherStation.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.ZeppelinDock.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.ShoppingMall.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.HorticultureStation.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.TVStation.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.RadarDish.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.RadioStation.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.MovieTheater.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.Newspaper.unique = 0 -- Remove limit
    g_Classes.ChildhoodHome.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    --Add Cement Factory to unlimited factories
    g_Classes.CementFactory.unique = 0 -- Remove Limit
    --Remove price increase from metro station
    g_Classes.MetroStation.money_cost_add = 0 -- Remove Insane Price Increase
    --Set zigguarat housing to 98
    g_Classes.Ziggurat.num_families = 98 -- Zigguars take a lot of space and money, this makes them worthwhile.
    --Set grade schools to have 5x as many pupils
    g_Classes.GradeSchool.num_people_serviced = 50 -- Roughly makes a grade school 5x as efficient. They are never really worth building, this is a much needed buff.

-- Only fire once
local FiredOnce = false

-- UA Set Mode
OnMsg.UASetMode = function(actions,mode)

    -- Fire until fired once
    if not FiredOnce then
        -- If we boot, trip it ...
        if(mode == "Boot") then
            FiredOnce = true
            -- Run the thread to bypass it

                -- Do mod loading code here.
How is this mod supposed to be installed?

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