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Full Mod Support. FULL MOD SUPPORT!
Good evening.

The hype is real for "Tropico VI", and I will be the first to assert that it is the game I am most excited about this year.

Many of the greatest requests the fandom has had for years have been answered: a return to dynamic and important Factions, FASTING BRIDGES, new islands, and more content at the start of the game.

What hasn't been introduced, and what is most needed, is FULL MODIFYING SUPPORT.

Kalypso already has the seeds of true modifying: they have given us a Scenario Editor and script modding for many years, but the true wealth of modding, that is, custom buildings, sprites, Edicts, and so on , has eluded us. We can recolor existing buildings, sure, and we can add upgrades and flavor to them, but what about acutally new buildings? What about new Factions? What about NEW CLASSES OF TROPICANS and sprites, or custom voices?!

All of these things and more can easily be introduced to the modifying community. With limited and basic tools, the fan base has already created a wealth of scenarios and scripting systems to advance the game or improve buildings.

Here are some major reasons to go with full modding, such as custom buildings and the like:
  1. Mods cost nothing to implement. Even if special rendering software and content for creating 3-D images and the like is required, simply releasing the code to place it into "Tropico" does not require you giving away the software. For example, "Sim City IV" had a special isometric builder used by the developers, that relied on a third party program. They released a "Building Architect Tool", which was literally a clone of the system the developers used to make buildings in the game. They gave no instructions and charged nothing for it, but released it for people to figure out.
  2. A game with large-scale modding support is essentially immortal. If you give players the tools, they will make content for you long after your last EP or DLC has been published. You are literally letting laymen create content for you voluntarily, which ensures replayability and makes people keep coming back for more. Even "Tropico V", whose modding content is bare bones scripting and gives few options, has been expanded thanks to the content created by fans.
  3. Mod support lessens customer complaints about bugs and issues. They will have a higher tolerance for glitches and even laziness because the community can fix the game themselves. "Sims III" is famous for being unstable, buggy, slow, and inefficient. Many of its mods exist solely to fix the flaws that Electronic Arts left in the game. However, you never hear anyone complaining, because the Mods available for the game are endorsed by EA and are essentially endless in their abilities. Complaints only arise when the developers make it impossible to fix a hard-coded issue.
  4. You can still release butt tons of expensive expansion packs and downloadable content while having full modding support. Paradox Interactive has this down to a science. Certain features, certain groups to play, and such, are locked behind an EP or DLC. In a few cases, you cannot play a Mod that uses those features without the EP or DLC itself.
  5. If Mod capability is linked to a special feature or item released in an EP or DLC, the ability to Mod that content openly increases EP or DLC sales. People are more likely to buy it. See above.
  6. Mods allow people to create content that even the developer would never dream of. Some of the things done with Mods are unreal: they exceed the purpose of the game, create a new game within the game, or add whole new ways to play it at once, at no cost to the developers. ("Skyrim" had some cases of this.)
  7. Companies that allow modding normally require, by EULA bylaws, that Mods be free. Players are not allowed to profit off of a game Mod, which means that all money remains in the hands of the developers. Players are literally coding for the developers, and the developers make all the money.
  8. Mods are difficult to pirate. If Mod support requires a verified copy of the game, and the Mods are advanced or good enough, people will often pay the price just to play the Mods. Paradox Interactive locks its Mod content board behind a pay wall: you must activate the game on their site to view the most premium of player creations.
  9. Go back on the older "Tropico" forums (especially for T3), and look at all the ideas this forum proposed. Imagine every single one of these in your game, without any effort on your part. "Tropico" fans in particular have a very creative and idealistic mindset, where the love for the game and its unique, exclusive dictator theme come into play to allow for content that is not possible in other games . There were dozens, if not hundreds, of suggestions for El Preisdente's "Rise to Power" background modifiers (causing boosts in income, or mining, etc. etc.) alone in T3. None of these were implemented because Kalypso was busy making the game, but with full Mod support, all of them could be.

These are just a few of the reasons that "Tropico VI" should allow players to access the same tools that the developers used to create the game. The "Tropico" series, in terms of content, and in spite of nickel-and-dime DLC rackets, remains one of the greatest video game series ever made. It was, and still is a masterpiece. "Tropico" games are all full of content, passion, and attention to detail. The lack of Mod support is probably the last flaw from making a Video Game Awards-worthy title.

By allowing the customer to create their own buildings, factions, scenarios, characters, themes, and so on and so forth, you essentially have created the perfect game. Combining the brilliance of "Tropico" and the brilliance of its fans, as illustrated on countless suggestions and ideas on these very forums, makes the game immortal, and ensures that "Tropico VI" is not a rehash of the series, but its perfector.

Consider the endless replayability and innovation this could bring. Allow for full Mod support in "Tropico VI".

Viva de El Presidente,
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