Probems finishing Chapter 5 in the Campaign
Hi folks,

I have an urgent problem in the last chapter in campaign. I almost completed all tasks, but I could not deliver 50 passengers to Promontory Point, because the region around Salt Lake City is still locked. Does anyone know how it works to unlock this region?

Many thanks in advance!

Already replied in the other thread:
More details would be awesome, such as why or what seems to prevent you from building a railway station at given city.


Thanks a lot, discussion is going on in german at

I will post a solution here if available.


Not sure what the problem is but following the instructions and expanding quickly, you get the go ahead to build in "the territory" - the shading disappears - and there is a Station at Promontory Point built by annoying Beatrix, but it appears to have been seceded to me. (Is this because I got the go ahead first?). I built a line from San Fransisco to Promontory Point, there didn't appear to be any buildings or actual town but it accepts Passengers and Mail.
So I just set up a "Passengers and Mail" route direct from San Francisco to Promontory Point and slowly 2 or 3 at a time the passenger numbers got to 50. It looses money but ....

Though it looks like you have to wait until a station is built for you because the area is still out of bounds to build in - see second screen shot.

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Many thanks for your answer! So if I understand your words right, the key to success could be to expand very quickly to the Promontory Point, because I reached the area in 1865 and there is still no station in 1866 and your screenshot is from 1864. Unfortunately I have to restart this chapter and try it again.


the Chapter seems to be around "land rights" and "right of way" - so historically train companies had to purchase or be granted rights to build in areas.  These go to the most successful company.  The Chapter narrator goes on about talking to politicians. I think there must be a trigger that releases the land to the East. Can't say what that trigger might be.

But I started by expanding North to Block Beatrix at Gold Beach and up to Lee Farm (Wheat)  - this gave me a good Passenger & Mail line, and blocked Beatrix from expanding South. She seems to be more the active AI than Doc Murphy.

I think the clue is in the introduction about expanding quickly, and taking the right Innovations - just need powerful engines to start because of the inclines and early revenue boosts.

There is no building at Promontory Point at the start of the Chapter, but when I got those rights and expanded my track East (Winnemucca and Elko) when I got to Promontory Point - Beatrix had a station built - I could connect to it but not access the area. It may be that there is another trigger that releases that land to "you" at some later date. 

I may play on to see what just happens.

Maybe you have delivered the decisive hint, I have no competitors at all, since I have already taken over both!
I will start the scenario again from scratch and see what happens if I do not buy my competitors. ;-)
Kalypso's support has confirmed that Beatrix's company can not be taken over as she is building the station at Promontory Point!

Here it is:

Posted by Unerde on German forum that issue will be addressed in a patch - but just now if you want to finish Chapter - Don't take over the Franchise run by Beatrix.

However annoying she maybe.

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