Dungeons 3 - Patch 1.4.1 has been applied +Changelog
  • Added Czech localization (Steam only)
  • The game now displays world statistics at the end of campaign missions, allowing players to compare their achievements with the rest of the world (PC only).
  • Performance improvements

  • Fixed graphical glitch in Duel map
  • Fixed non disappearing tooltips
  • Fixed graphical issue in defeat screen
  • Fixed some minor issues with quickbar (PC only)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that appeared when Gobblers were being carried by the Hand of Terror and players switched between Dungeon and Overworld
  • Fixed an issue with "slapping" heroes in the Overworld
  • Fixed getting stuck on network error when disconnected from network during Duel matchmaking (PC only)
  • Fixed Multiplayer Steam avatar display if players are not friends (Steam only)
  • Multiplayer announcements disappear now while displaying the Almanac (PC only)
  • Allow font auto sizing in load menu to avoid line break
  • Fixed selection of "Preferred Target" (slapping an enemy in the Dungeon)

  • Enemy Priestess will heal units smarter outside of combat
  • Boss monster on Duel map now gives units a decent XP amount when defeated

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