Help Required - Supplying Towns
I am playing the first Scenario in the East and trying to supply Milk from Nolan Breeding to Washington for Cheese and to New York and Baltimore for the population.  

I tries two trains running from the farm to each of towns in turn - I have a loop track to connect Nola Breeding to the main line. If I run it on Automatic the first stop gets all the Milk; same on Freight only. I tried Manual but the train fills up other goods and doesn't pick up milk. 

Any ideas?
This is the main use of the Warehouse - you can put all your Milk (and other goods) in and use a train on Automatic or Manual to supply your cities. So each one gets what it wants, nearly. In that scenario I build myself a warehouse somewhere between New York and Baltimore, then Milk, Cattle, Wheat and Veg go in with a short run and you can add Fruit (King Preserve) and Corn (Walker Estate) - which gives you your 6 item limit but these are the early basics.

And - I use just one train, running on Manual  to service Collins Estate and Nolan Breeding on one of the Warehouse tracks.
Collins Estate - Load 8 cars Wheat
Warehouse unload all
Nolan Breeding - Load 8 Cars Milk
Warehouse unload all.

You get errors until you set up all the stations on the route - add a Supply Tower and build a Maintenance Building at the Warehouse.

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