I don't think stations should have multiple tracks
I enjoy using signals and passing loops to get trains running between stations but I'm not convinced the stations themselves should have the 1/2/4 tracks. A real station of any size would have a few sidings to a large goods yard to stable freight trains in for loading/unloading while leaving the running lines clear.

Having many freight trains blocking the station and its approaches is annoying.

Perhaps a single train from a warehouse would avoid this but then the problem shifts to the warehouse.

I would put the tracks within station limits in simple mode all the time. The station size can still influence the capture radius and loading times. Perhaps only the two larger stations can have maintenance depots or something.

The solution is to have a Main Line that deals with Passengers and Mail - then the other lines dealing with Freight.
At each station just one Passengers and Mail - with others taking Freight from the warehouse(s) or direct from source

Then at the Warehouse One line to distribute goods and then you have 6 other connections for incoming commodities.

At Stations you can also connect all the tracks together so you have potential 4 platforms dealing with incoming trains
My point is this aspect of routes feels more like a puzzle for its own sake than any sort of realism. The lines between stations are fine with the signalling but a real station can break out incoming lines as much as it likes and have a goods yard, money permitting.

Real stations have the problem but in the game it feels to me like unnecessary micromanagement. YMMV.

You can change the game options to simplify routing.
And you can build your own "Goods" yard. Once cities get to 250,000 I found that I need 3 or 4 Warehouses to satisfy the city needs and other Freight trains to deal with industry requirements. I build another station and use it for Freight only, you need to think ahead and leave room for this station but I found it works.

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