Some way to convert a single line to a passing loop easily
It would be nice to be able to select two points on a single line and make them into a passing siding with its directional switches. Having to manually do the track doubling, switches, and signals gets annoying. The block signals inside the loop could be added too.

But then how does the software discriminate between a passing place and connecting another line close by or you are building double track to a station. You still have to tell the software what to do.....

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(07-02-2018, 10:54 PM)billyplod Wrote: You still have to tell the software what to do.....

By adding a new mode for track building either via an icon or modifier key.
Yes I suspect all is possible but what is the payoff, in terms of game play.
Currently maximum of 7 mouse clicks / key strokes to build a passing place.
Connect to track - place start of double track - end of double track - reconnect to main line - place signal 1 - place signal 2 - change direction on one signal (if required)
Your idea
Select passing place icon - place start of track - place end of track - decide direction - accept placement.
5 Mouse clicks or keystrokes. Saving 2 clicks or keystrokes

But how much code overhead is that - Change to UI to implement radio button, or hotkey. Module to auto track-lay with best incline (or does it include an option to have best incline or accept any incline). And when the game can't place the passing place because of something in the way then you still have to do it yourself.

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