Some very nice to have amendments
Sorry if some of these are planned.

1. A city finder - similar to the "eye" in Auctions where you can centre the map on a city from a "City Search" option. Saves scrolling about the map - You can "jump" to a city by clicking on the mini map but if you are looking for a specific named city and don't know where it is, then its back to scrolling. 
Perhaps something has simple has displaying city name on mouse over on the mini-map.

2. Warehouse Full error indicator - rather than multiple "No Freight for this train warning" - Then you could center on the warehouse  in question rather than look everywhere for it.

3. Open train dialogue box - or have an option to open the train dialogue in the error indicator - chasing the train down the track to select it is tricky. 

With 2 & 3 if you haven't got pause enabled finding issues takes real game time out.

And perhaps in Hints and tips a list of city productions with Raw material requirements and at what population level do they unlock.

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