AI scripting concerns
Hi all,

I've just recently bought the game on Xbox One (I'm buying on PC soon so don't judge too harshly) and the AI seems a bit off on the second mission. I started off fine, built up my Empire and bought out Don. How ever to keep up with me and over take in value, Beatrix, made 72 trains on about 8 lines (game had a news paper saying 19 stations connected but I didn't really believe it.) I was playing on realistic and I can understand that the AI will be harder but personally I think 72 trains on 8 lines was a bit weird and unfair. She was earning 20k a second at one station I looked at and was incrementally buying my shares at 3% every 10-15 seconds. Can I ask the Dev's if this is a unique once off issue or if this is known and being worked on?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Duzean,
the AI is not cheating or scripted wrong.
For sure the AI uses the easy tracklaying system (for now) but also with a penalty when laying tracks actually. So the AI has to pay more than the player has to.
Also depeding on the set difficulty level, the AI takes longer to make and actually take actions.
Additionally, the AI has to earn money the same way as the player has and has no other bonuses or anything.
Also to mention:
Even when there are 100 trains running to a station; as long as there is a maximum of four platforms per railway station, only 4 trains can be un/loaded at once. The rest has to sit and wait.

So you can also try another difficulty setting for the AI, if you have selected a higher one, or also switch to easy-tracklaying if you like.

Nevertheless as you might have seen our roadmap of development for thenext months, we will also enhance/work on the AI, too.



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