New Update brings new and free Scenario, new features and more.

With the newly released patch 1.1.2 for Railway Empire, we are bringing several community requested features, improvements and bug fixes to the game.
Thanks to your continuous support, we are able to keep Railway Empire on the right track!

The patch contains the following content:

Added / New features
  • A new scenario! (Region: South, 1850) has been added!
Love is in the air with the new free scenario for Railway Empire! Rhett Butler is trying to impress his beloved Scarlett O’Hara (who, as chance would have it, is also a successful railway tycoon), by delivering gifts to her respective whereabouts.
But are those truly hearts in his eyes, or are they dollar signs...?
  • We have added a new info mode for the usage and utilization of trains.
Select the i-Option on the upper left screen (Controller: action menu)
  • Hotkeys added to PC version. See the updated in-game manual for details.
  • Supply towers can now be placed upon signals (these signals will be deleted)
  • Express trains are now characterized by an icon in the menus (lightning bolt)
  • Sound effects have been added for the unlocking animation of new chapters in the campaign screen
  • We have added better feedback after winning the campaign related to the ending dialog
  • New audio/volume slider for AI opponents has been added
  • The game now memorizes the last used science diagram and science field
Now the game remembers your last scroll-position in the tech-tree to make the player not scroll constantly starting from the first locomotive on.
  • A new button tip has been added and will be shown close to the task list symbol, if a task has to be fulfilled in the next 3 months
  • Values transferred from DataMgr to ScenarioData (more settings for modding available)

  • Many small UI fixes
  • Chinese small fonts are larger now
  • We have fixed a bug in the effects of the employees which resulted in extremely fast trains
  • We also have fixed a bug in the campaign “Great Plains” which blocked the task list during the tutorial
  • With an open train list, the camera would sometimes repeatedly center on a chosen train. This has also been fixed with this version.
  • Copy/pasting empty train routes is no longer possible
  • Clicking the mouse wheel button outside the game window in windowed mode could cause the camera to rotate, which has been fixed now.
  • Some interface issues concerning the express status of a train have been reworked
  • We have fixed a bug, when clicking/double-clicking was not registered when the mouse is over the date or station icons in load/save dialog
  • A bug related to scenario “Gold Rush” which caused a task to be fulfilled although a wrong town was connected with an express train has been fixed.
  • Additionally, we have fixed a bug related to waypoints and removed stations from the station list of a train route
  • Another bug that could result in damaged track joints causing trains to teleport has been fixed.
  • Some functions of the bulldozer tool have been improved
  • Players couldn’t build station at “Promontory Point” station will now be able to do so, as this has been fixed, too.
  • We also have fixed a bug with two tasks of chapter two being fulfilled at once, although only one goal was achieved
  • Two bugs related to the creation of user scenarios and their custom description have been fixed.
  • Replaced the trash icon with the “new savegame” icon as the first element
  • A bug related to cloning a train has been fixed.
  • Waypoints are now updated accordingly when tracks are joined or split
  • We have fixed a bug related to counting the transported passengers on routes using waypoints
  • A bug related to pressing the Ctrl-key has been fixed.
  • If a train drives through a loop, it would sometimes visually jump to a position behind the loop, which has been fixed now.

  • The AI will not merge with the player’s company in campaign mode anymore.
  • The effects and power of some research perks were adjusted
  • Some locomotive / engine data were changed to make the locomotive more different / unique
  • More tolerance when placing signals in the tutorial
  • User can now achieve the highest rank in the campaign mode (chapter 3, 4, 5)
  • It’s now easier to open the town menu from a higher distance (town buildings are ignored from a certain distance).
(Please check the updated in-game manual for more details.)
  • Picking the radius of objects increased from higher distant view/zoom
  • Vsync option for Linux has been added.
  • Dump call stack on crash has been added.
  • Pad navigation in the graphic options
  • Some languages could not be selected in the options

  • Two controller bugs related to building signals mode (rotation of signals and placing multiple signals) have been fixed
  • The camera can now be tilted in the “center train” mode
  • We have fixed a bug related to the camera tilt when switching between the building modes

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