hi all 
had this come up a report named crash_2018_02_15_215144 has been generated 
anyone know what it is and why i can not launch the game sudden strike 4
thanks stephen

The crash numbers are just the date and time of the crash.
First - are you playing on a PC or Console? Console which one.

Playing on a PC - Steam version - "Verify Local Content" Go to Library - RIGHT CLICK game - PROPERTIES - Local Files - Verify.

Playing on console PS4 - you can try to reinstall the game but typically you have to delete it first - you can save your game status to an external memory stick and the best way to delete a game is via - > Settings > System Storage Management > Applications >  
Then restart your console and play game it reinstalls

On an Xbox it's pretty much the same - uninstall and reinstall
From my Games App - choose Uninstall - reboot and reinstall from your account.

If these don't work - Come back.

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