Vikings - Ringer of Runes still bugged
Made this post along with a few others from ps4 and xbox1 on the official vikings forums.
The Ringer of Runes trophy doesn't unlock once the requirements are met, even after the 1.06/1.07 patch which was ment to address this issue.

I'd deleted all save files and the game and reinstalled it before starting a new hardcore character after the patch, and gotten 1+ of all runes and it didn't unlock. I made a backup save and retried obtaining the last rune to cause a trophy, but that didn't work.

Something i did notice, which might or might not be a/or the issue is the grey Lesgal rune. In the inventory, all runes are bunched together. so 5 green, 5 blue, 5 purple and 5 yellow, however the grey is 4 together and the 5th sits at the very bottom under the yellows. I deleted the said rune and farmed the fight boss til another dropped, but didn't work either.
Hi Bonkerz,
as I have stated already in the other thread, please get in touch with our official support:
with all available information and details regarding this topic and problem.
This will help getting this sorted properly and forwarded to the devs for further investigation.

Additionally, did you use old savegames before the patch? If so, have your tried playing from scratch/starting a new game?
Those information are needed for sure and are essential.



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