Railway Empire on PS4
I'm playing Railway Empire on PS4 and I have a question in regards to setting preferences for the railcars at wheat farm or any other commodity.  I'm playing in Sandbox mode trying to familiarize myself with the controls.  For some reason I cannot set the number of railcars for the train or to tell it to wait until all cars are full.  Is that function not available in Sandbox mode.  Any help?

I've seen some of the videos out on youtube made by Adekyn which are great.  He references his website.  Does anyone have a link?

BTW, love this game....it's addicting!

See pic.
Set up your route and select MANUAL loading.
Then after allocating an engine click on the routing ICON
Then you get the option to edit at each station.
Click on the GOOD ICON to select that for each wagon. You can also set the MINIMUM number of rail-cars (Effectively wait until full if set it to 8 - the maximum)

Don't forget to unload at the destination - to deliver rural goods to a city just have the train return empty.
Click on the rail-cars at the receiving station to unload -
The game will help if you get the actions wrong.
If you get a yellow Triangle with the exclamation then you have an error somewhere.

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