Complex religion system in Tropico 6 - Proposal for Kalypso
I suggest Kalypso to implement a more complex system of religions in Tropico 6. Other people have already proposed similar ideas, see for instance this topic on Reddit:

It would be interesting to have different religions, with their infrastructures, % of adherents among the population, and political factions.

The % magnitudes of religions, and of the unaffiliated and atheist population, would depend on various factors: the favored political faction (communists, nationalists, moderates, greens, liberals, and so on), the number of a given religion's infrastructures built, immigration policies, foreign relations, El Presidente's own religious affiliation, and the era.

Besides the %, the diffusion of religions and atheism in certain areas could be shown by maps similarly to crime, environment beauty and resources, thus requiring specific intervention on those areas such as the building of more places of worship for a certain religion or their demolition if they disturb a strong atheist population.

Following the development of South American/Caribbean cultures in the real world:

- In the early colonial era, Catholicism and its missions, parish churches and cathedrals should be the only religion in Tropico.

- In the late colonial era Tropico would see Voodoo/Candomblé be legalized and Voodooist/Candombler shrines and temples would be available for building.

- The post-colonial era would be characterized by the emergence of Protestantism and its churches and megachurches (we already had the "nondenominational" Diamond Cathedral in Tropico 4, which could also be converted into a house of worship for El Presidente's cult).

- In the modern era, immigration policies would influence the spread of other religions, namely Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese religion and Islam, with their own infrastructures (Buddhist monasteries, Hindu temples and ashrams, Chinese ancestral temples and Taoist monasteries, Islamic mosques and madrasas). Policies promoting high immigration from the respective countries (China, India, the Arab countries) would result in a significant spread of these religions.

- The late modern era would see the entry of some new religious movement into Tropico. Here I take the idea of the "cult" from the Reddit topic linked above: <... a cult could request permission to set up a settlement on your island. If you accept then your relations with religious factions will suffer, as will relations with the place the cult originates from (presumably either the US or Western Europe). ... Cult members have a small chance of converting Tropicans, who will quit whatever their job is to live in the cult's settlement, becoming unpaid agricultural laborers. Additional settlements will form if there's enough cult members.>

Rather than "cult" I suggest the definition "new religious movement". The idea of the settlement, a sort of city or network within the island that has strong ties with the originating country, is nice. The new religious movement could be, for instance, something like Project 12, an Egyptian-inspired movement in Russia:

- The late modern era would also see a natural rise of unaffiliated and atheist people, which could be possible also in previous eras if the dominant political force are the communists and Tropico cultivates links with communist foreign powers.


Ideas for the new religious movements/settlements:

If Tropico tightens relations with a given superpower, they ask to establish on the island a settlement of a given new religious movement that originated from that given culture.

- Arab nations : Wahhabism, Ahmadi or Bahai (the third is neither Arab nor Islamic, actually, but they may be refugees expelled from the Islamic world)
- China : Yiguandao or Weixinism
- Europe : Zuism (which would refund members of taxes)
- India : International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishna)
- Israel : Chabad-Lubavitch
- Japan : Soka Gakkai
- Russia : Project 12
- United States : Scientology or Polygamous Mormonism
I thought that to generate the % demographics each Tropican citizen could have their religion registered in the personal data:

Imagine to have beautiful structures like this (Chinese temple) integrating with the city and natural landscape of Tropico:


And a structure like this (Project 12) for the new religious movement:


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