AI grievance
First of all, the game is good, but I am seriously frusterated about the AI.  You can connect 2 stations, they have five+ connected.  I am playing on normal btw, it is discouraging how much faster they make money, sabotage, buy stocks, send reporters, steal your employees everything!!  The worst draw back in my opinion is the AI of this game.  So much so I am posting this thread to ask of there will be an adjustment in the works?.  For me, it takes the fun out of the game when the AI is meticulously perfect everytime in every story or scenerio.  If a patch is in the works for this issue i will keep it, if not i will sell it  cause it's not fun to play at this point.
I enjoy a challenging game, don't get me wrong, easy gets boring, yet when the AI is too perfect it's over the top, and that in turn effects the gameplay negatively.
Hello Babyfacekane,
the AI has to earn money the same way, as the player has to.
So it is not cheating, but simply playing.
Are you sure, you have set the AI to the lowest difficulty? What about yourself, have you made yourself familiar with the game, played the tutorial/first chapters of the campaign?

Unerde to answer your question I am currently at chapter 5 of the campaign.  So yes, I have spent some hours in the game.  The lowest difficulty setting available is normal, which it is set to.  Is there going to be any adjustments made to the AI from the patch?  

Also when you go to tips and hints during the game to read the tutorials, the game does not pause, which again, i do not understand.  Also I have found textual spelling errors, when i come across them again i will tell you the exact section.
Hi Babyfacekane,
first of all, could you also share, if you are playing on console or PC?

Localization errors might occur, but we are always busy fixing them in addition to all other changes, fixes and additions. \m/
Best would be, if you have found any, to report them directly with description and/or screenshot directly to our support to be forwarded to the devs.
Our support can be contacted via:

When it comes to pausing the game, it totally depends on the pause-mode you have selected, before you have started the campaign.
So best would be, especially, if you feel the AI being too difficult, to set the pause-mode to "manual", meaning you can pause the game whenever and wherever you want as long as you want.


@ both

I have already flagged up several spelling and grammatical issues with the English localisation on "Hansoft"

The AI is the AI and in all games you play against it.

The early American railroad was a cut throat business. All the money came from private investors, the Government encouraged that investment by giving away land to the company that connected cities or carried out tasks. A winner takes all, so companies did their best to sabotage their opposition. Which is what the AI is doing and the player has the same options. So teh game does mirror the actual real life situation to some extent

Don't look for perfection like other GM games just concentrate on the TASK list.
Unerde I am currently playing on the PlayStation 4 console.

My thoughts about the AI are in line with this review of the game. In which this thread was originally written about.

Here is an excerpt of the review, i will also include the link.

By the time I’d put 15 trains to work in my first mission with competitors, one of my opponents already had 100. The AI’s transport network was about a quarter of the size of mine, and it wasn’t doing a good job of expanding or creating manufacturing chains, but it was rolling in cash simply because there were never any delays or stops, while every single passenger or bit of freight got where it needed to go almost instantly.
It neuters the very sense of competition that these adversaries exist to promote. The AI’s not particularly competent (and that goes for train AI too, so expect your own locomotives to do stupid things like ignore free bits of track or begin a route on a jam-packed track instead of the completely empty one), but it doesn’t need to be. It reduces Railway Empire to who can churn out the most trains, which will never, ever be you if you’re playing with realistic rules. And in the campaign, you always will be.
Hello Babyfacekane,
so after reading this one review, you are oblinged to simply apply what has been said there, without giving it a try on your own?

As said, you can always set the AI's difficulty low, or simply use the same tracklaying system.
Additionally the AI has is also depending on its defficulty setting, which in- or decrease how many choices it is making as well as actions it is taking.
Also to mention, 100 trains do not make a good thing on the same track, because first of all only one train can be un-/loaded on each platform at a time, even though there are hundreds. Additionally there is no infinite number of passengers/resources available that just have to be picked up. Therefore those trains will be empty, many of them.
So the AI has to pay more for its tracks to be laid, plus all the trains that need maintenance.

When it comes to empty tracks and such, you can simply edit routes and even add waypoints to guide a train, where it is supposed to travel. Otherwise it will simply try to use the shortest route, no mattter, if it is occupied or not.

Last but not least: You also might read more than just one review, or, as you own the game, simply play the game how it is, as the opinions, wishes and preferences of each and every player (including reviewer/press) are different.


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