Dungeons 3 – Update v.1.4.3 Changelog
Dungeons Lords!

The Ultimate Evil just released an update!
Find more details below:

Bugfixes and changes for DLC 'Once upon a time'
We have fixed a problem with wall segments, which disappeared once the dungeon layout became more complex.
  • The visual look of gold and mana in dungeon walls has been fixed and improved.
  • In the level 'Once Upon a Time', we have fixed some problems with mission goal countdowns, which ran down to 0, but did not advance or end the game.
  • In the level 'Fog and Sheep', we fixed some heroes that were resistant to the sheep transformation.
  • Also in the level 'Fog and Sheep', we have we have fixed a bug that caused Thalya dying during the outro.
  • In the level 'Kamikaze Sheep', we added additional text to make it clear that the objective "Kill the 7 Dwarves" is a bonus objective and not needed to win the game.

Fixes and Changes for the main game
  • On the skirmish map 'Playground', Elrics are now allowed to use their skills.
  • The skirmish map 'Playground' has received new savegame graphics.
  • On the skirmish map 'Playground' we have fixed the problem in co-op mode, where one hand picks something from the unlimited resource rooms, while the other hand picks up something else.
  • In the campaign mission 'The Ashspring Swamplands' we have fixed some collisions with graves.
  • In the campaign mission 'The End of Yaina Overproud', the Portals will no longer attack Snots.
  • In the campaign mission 'The Storming of Dollaran', we have improved the visuals of the effect circle around your favourite Undead ‘Crowley’.
  • In the campaign mission 'Two Sides of the Medal', we have fixed the city shield protection.
  • In the campaign mission 'Ups and Downs', we have improved and fixed the gamepad interaction area for water supplies.
  • We have fixed and balanced all torture workstations to have the same efficiency from now on.
  • We have fixed the effect of 'Malicious torture'.
  • Potions will now affect only friendly units, as intended.
  • We have fixed the attack visual effects of 'Dark Guardian'.
  • We have added some graphic options for low-performance systems to improve performance and optimization.
  • In addition, we have fixed sequential dialogs that were sometimes interrupting themselves.
  • Interface sounds are now affected by the 'effects' volume slider.

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