Public Beta-Test Branch rolling in with (North-)America-Map

Enginemen and -women!

We received a huge wagonload of awesome feedback since the Beta and the official release.
As you might have noticed, we are constantly working on improving Railway Empire even further, which would not be possible without your ongoing support.

With more complex features coming near a (yet unconfirmed!) release-date (when it is done(tm)), we would love to share what we have.
In return, we hope you share your ever-unsparing feedback and help us in our further development efforts.

To that end, we created a public beta-branch, where you will find our latest builds.
Please be aware that these builds will contain bugs of all sorts, colour and flavour!
In addition, savegames created in the public beta version will not be compatible with the older default version.
Nevertheless, we would be very grateful, if you gave it a spin and share your thoughts and feedback in the beta section of this forum:
Alternatively, send us an email to:

How to download the latest Beta release?
1. Switch to your Steam library
2. Right-click Railway Empire
3. Select Properties
4. Select the "Betas" section
5. Select the "public_beta" from the drop down menu
6. Steam should automatically start the download.
[To opt out from the public beta, just repeat the steps above and select "NONE" in step 5]

Thank you all for your kind words, suggestions and honest criticism. Keep it up! ːtrainiacːːrulezː

On behalf of the whole teams of Gaming Minds Studios and Kalypso Media


Changelog to

New Features:
  • New Map "America"
    -> in "Free mode" and "Sandbox mode"
    -> build your empire from coast to coast
  • New 100-years-era "1830-1930"
    -> grow your empire from 1830 to 1930
    -> all locomotives in one play
    -> re-balanced science tree in this 100-years-era
    -> growing goods system over time
    -> overall time re-balancing to fit new timescale

  • Added: demolishing tracks and stations now gives a refund
  • Added: Hotkey "c" to center the selected train
  • Added: New GUI elements in "Track construction" which allow for a better visibility of the rails
  • Added: Transparent good images when the train is loading in a station
  • Added: New GUI elements in "Bulldozer" mode

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