Disciples 2 New Undead Campaign - Bump in the Night
New Undead campaign

This new Undead campaign for Disciples 2 has 6 missions. This campaign is for the Rise of Elves version of D2. (the last game version released) Missions listed below with map sizes:

King of the Hill on 48x48 map
Bump in the Night on 72x72 map
Battle of Brisburg on 48x48 map
Fleet Wars on 48x 48
Flash Point on 72x72
Undead Division on 96x96

Clan campaign Rouge Regime

The 2nd link is for my previously released Clan campaign.

- The story line mirrors by D2 Clan campaign titled Rouge Regime.
- Battle of Brisburg uses the same map as the 3rd mission in the Rouge Regime campaign. Only balanced for the Undead.
- The campaign was balanced on hard level using the Warrior leader and warrior bonus.
- Mission one would be extremely difficult with a mage or guild leader. This is because mission 1 is one of the most difficult and mage/guild leaders become stronger later in the game (not so much early on. You can start mission 1 with a warrior leader, then build a 2nd leader of another type to bring into mission 2 and beyond. Or start with a mage leader for greater challenge. There are boss stacks that can take out a low HP ranged leader fairly easily though.

-I feel I captured the Undead mentality. I use a Lich as the 'boss' throughout the captions who has a mean streak. The story is told in the game dialog more so than in the pre mission briefings.
WIP of Lvl 1 Elf Mission

The above link is for a Elf mission I am working on. Still WIP but has been tested through the first 25 turns. Balance after that is untested but should be reasonable. The mission is named Clandestine Rendezvous.

About this mission: It is designed to be the first in a new custom campaign for the Elves. Most first missions of the stock campaign are done on 48x48 maps. This Clandestine Rendezvous mission is on a 144x144 map. That size is 9 times larger. Since the leaders start with between 20-25 move points, a 144 map is especially large for a level 1 leader.

What I did is divide the map into three separate sections. Then in addition to your starting hero, you get another hero in each of the remaining 2 map sections. So it plays like 3 maps in one. If all 3 sections were the same size, each section would play out like an 83 x 83 size map. This is a more reasonable size for each starting hero to cover. In fact, the middle section is a bit smaller than the sections to the West and East of it.

All three of your starting heroes must survive. You get an archer leader and a mage leader in 2 of the sections. So if you want each leader to be different, then select a warrior leader to begin the game. Part of the fun is to see which of your heroes will level the fastest.

STORYLINE:  The story doesn't explain a lot about what happened at Raven Fort. That portion of the story line is filled in better by either the Clan or Undead campaign. So the Elf campaign is meant to be done after one of my other two earlier released campaigns. The Elf campaign starts after Raven fort and before 'The Battle of Brisburg" from the Undead/Clan campaigns.

The story for this Elf mission is a bit under developed at present. Just keep in mind its a WIP yet. You could be the 1st to complete it as I continue to tweak and play test portions of it. Currently its in a workable form and some will find it fun to play.

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