Resource Identifying Sheet

I purchased the PS4 version of Railway Empire.  Unfortunately there was not enough help in the tutorials and such to help identify all the various resources that are available in the game.  Can someone print up a resource guide with the icons identifying each resource and what they are all used for to make the final product?  And in addition a final product guide and all the resources needed to make because don't some products require more than one resource?  This would be very helpful in playing the game.  You could post it on this website, something we could download or print.

Also, when you click on a city, what does it mean when a product is displayed and it says for example 5/12.  Does that mean there are 5 cars available?  What does the 12 mean......they produce 12 cars within a certain time span?

Thanking you in advance

you get a description/name for every resourc ein the city screen. Just select the information tab on the lleft side in a city screen and move your cursor over the resources on the right.
For thhe numbers: 5/12 means your city currently hold 5 of the ressource, and can hold a maximum of 12. it gets less or more when trains transport goods to other cities. IF you have a meat factory, you'll have, for example, 12/12 meat, and when a train with meat leaves the vity, it might drop to 4/12.

....... but there is no Tooltip to identify the resource(either on the main map nor the city screen) and they are not all obvious from the Icon - I see Salt has been modified to show in sacks rather than pans.

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