How to increase population?
I cant seem to raise my population above 508. I have nearly 2 million dollars, lots of jobs, my uneducated make 40$ and it's higher for everyone else. Theres adequate housing and healthcare, food etc. I have activated a contraception ban and changed all of my hospitals to obstentrics to increase birth.

How do I get more people? I can't get enough employees and right now it is static at 508 citizens.
So ive decided that the xbox version must just max out at 508 citizens. I pay every single employee maximum salary, have more housing than people, more jobs than people, have over 2 million $$ nos, a tourist rating of 80 and 100 from every group but the nationalists which is 90.

If there is some other way to raise the population I don't know. Sucks because I can't run my island with this lack of people.
Well the Xbox version as far as I know hasn't been patched yet. So the population cap increase that is in effect on the PC is NOT yet on the Xbox. That hopefully will be part of the 360 patch.
Sounds like you hit the hard coded population limit.

Once the patch comes out, it should go up to 1200

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