Tropico 4 latest Interview
Can you provide any insight into your next title?

It will be awesome. It will be better than Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Farmville put together. Just joking – it will be ten times better than all of them put together. I can’t give you any details yet.

Well That is the thing that makes the most attention for me in the whole interview... Let's see than.
******, that's what I think of you.
Here is the whole interview:
can't wait to see the presentation of the game Smile
Wow, that interview was.. horrifically vague. All they did was confirm imports. Ah well, not too long to wait anyhow for T4.

Capitalist (+++) Leader
Religious (+++)
Intellectual (++)
Nationalist (++)
Militarist (+)
Communist (-)
Environmentalist (--)
Loyalist (--)

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