Content Update 1.2.1 available for Dungeons!
Kalypso Media and Realmforge Studios are please to announce another substantial Content and Bugfix Update for Dungeons, patching your game to version 1.2.1 via Kalypso Launcher.

To obtain this update, an online account and working internet connection is required. Please use your game's product key to register a free online account from within the Kalypso Launcher application.

All currently available and future Content Updates and free game expansions will be available for download via Kalypso Launcher exclusively.

March 2, 2011 - Changelog for version 1.2.1

New features:
  • Added new game mode "amusement" (the goal is to have heroes with full soul energy escape from your dungeon) and three maps: Fluffytown, Playground and Caverns
  • Monsters now walk around a little and threaten nearby goblin workers
  • Heroes now walk differently, depending on their mood
  • Teleport to dungeon heart: not available in own throne room anymore, portal now has a description and minimap icon
  • Attribute panel now displays defence/attack chance in percent against a typical hero of the current level
  • Ranged damage dealer (novice, mage, necromancer etc.) will fall back if a tank is attacked by their target
  • Pause mode allows for non-time dependend actions (building, hotkey configuration)
  • Heroes leaving the Dungeon now have a different icon on the minimap
  • Fireflies can now be toggled on and off in options
  • Post game will now continue to show the game in the background instead of a black screen.
  • Display notification when (auto)save starts.

  • Reflection is now caculated *before* resistance.
  • Don't kill dead heroes again when they are trapped.
  • Stop looped cast effect when hero dies while casting townportal.
  • Snowdrop: priests don't heal Volbar anymore.
  • Fixed gui layout for uber-widescreen monitor settings.
  • Fixed "Find all lootbags" quest bug.
  • Fixed achievement "Immortal".
  • Fixed rare game crashes.

  • Fixed bug where text localization of mods did not get read properly.
  • Mods are now loaded alphabetically.
  • Add easier modding capabilities for all brains.
  • Loading of all XML and CSV resources supports overriding resource locations and stream from within mod zip files.
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I have the Steam version but it is stuck on version

I have tried lauching the game quite a few times but it will not update to 1.2.1 - I have also verified the Steam files twice [which always makes .Net framework 4 re-install and re-boot the PC]....

Thanks Smile
The update will be available on Steam shortly.
Thank you for your continued support for 'Dungeon's. Appreciated by all, I'm sure.

Is this minor incremental (1.2.1) update primarily and only aimed at adjusting gameplay issues? I am asking this because I still receive error messages relating to .NET Framework 4 when attempting to update the game. I am guessing that the bootstrapper issues are of a more technical nature to be addressed in a later update, say 1.3.

Anyway, I am still stuck on V1.0 out of the box without successfully updating to the current version. I have the same issues as before after attempting to use this update. The update downloads, tries to install and instead of completing the update process, drops the game back to V1.0 with the bootstrapper error message.

The problem is very similar to the issue reported in this post made 2 weeks ago.

Thanks again.

thanks for continuing to support this fun game...
Still having issues installing the patch. I'm having the same issues
I had with 1.2, net framework 4 issues. My Windows 7 64b Home
Edition with SP1 has all the latest patches. I still can't install your
patches for the game.

You need to stop checking for for net framework and just check
the game version. An do a update for your game only.

I like the game, but this patching issues is going to piss off
most gamers. You need to fix these issues quick IMHO ..
Any idea when this will get to Impulse? I'm anxious to check out if this update fixes my inability to play the game. I like the game, just haven't been able to play it beyond 3 hours since I bought it about a month ago due to it crashing.
Still no update on Impulse. Please give us a more consistent patch delivery system.
Update is now available for Impulse. Downloading it now. heh

I'd like to note that it took 8 days from release from Kalypso for Impulse to release it as well. Any possible way to get a better patch delivery system?

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