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Most annoying faction
The Communists have a surprising lack of teeth. If you are absolutely horrible they will cause you problems but they are really more like liberal sociali democrat types. They're basically reformists rather than revolutionaries. There should be like a setting you can play where they basically try to overthrow you no matter what. The militarist faction is the biggest threat. Though not necessarily the civilians in it. The soldiers in it are a threat because they can overthrow you. Its also very important what other factions they are part of in addition to being in the militarists, if they are capitalist and you are more aligned with the communists or visa versa they are more likely to rebel against you. If you just decide to ignore the religious faction and many of your soldiers are religious watch out! Its interesting how the factions sort of ally with each other. You can see it by the overlaps of characters being in more than one faction and who they vote for. The religious can end up siding with the communists or the capitalists, the environmentalists are sort of a wild card but almost always end up voting for the opposition even if they are happy with me. The intellectuals like the environmentalists, often these two are allied also seem to tend to vote against El Presidente. The intellectuals are just not that big of a threat though, they seem to be one of the least dangerous factions to cross. I usually don't got a whole lot of liberty going on but I've got no problem building their schools. In Tropico 3 the intellectuals and the nationalists are natural allies because the intellectuals want you to build a high school and a university and the nationalists don't want you to hire a bunch of foreign educated workers.
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Based on my experience with T1 and reading the reports of T3 players, I'm sorry but I do not understand why the Religious Faction seems to be so despised by the players -- described as religious nuts!

Religion is the first complaint i receive every game and consistently receive the entire game. "I know we have 4 churches but we NEED a Cathedral!!" "I know we have 4 churches and a cathedral but we NEED a Christ Statue!"

Plus, at least other factions building have useful functions. The High School gets me educated workers, the Museum makes me profit, most of the other factions I don't ever hear complaints from honestly. The environmentalists are pretty much a tie for first but if I want to avoid their nagging I can just build a surplus of farms and tourism instead of industry and than I don't hear it from them either. So yes Religion is the most annoying to me.

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